Usage Policy for this Radio Receiver


Multiple User Policy

This receiver allows up to 8 clients at once. Each SDR can be operated by one person at a time. More than one person can be on the same receiver, however, to tune independently without affecting one another both users need to be on the same profile. Once one user chooses another profile on the same SDR device, that will cause the other person’s instance to change too. Try to avoid this if you can. Should you find yourself on a profile then it suddenly changes, that means another user has begun using the same SDR device. If that is to happen the other person will not be aware that you are using it too, you however, are aware of the other user which gives you the option of choosing a different SDR Device to explore. Another way to tell if there are other users on the receiver is to look at the status bar in the bottom left of the User Interface, there will be a field for "users", if more than 1 then you guessed it, you are not alone, someone else is using the receiver too. I wish there was a better way of avoiding this situation but at this time there currently is not. This receiver has 5 SDR's attached to it so there is plenty to explore if the one you are exploring becomes active by another user.


Timeout Policy

To ensure that everyone has a chance to use this receiver and to deal with instances of people leaving their browser open to the receiver and walking away, I have implemented a timeout policy. It is a very liberal one so no need to be alarmed. After 2 hours, yes, 2 hours, told you it was a long time, the receiver will time you out and you will need to reload the receiver to use it again.


If you have any questions, comments, or need to contact me for any other reason you can at [email protected] Thanks and enjoy!